Abandoned Printing Plant 2 / Leipzig

I was particularly sad to hear that the abandoned Printing Plant (Druckerei) in Leipzig had been following the way of all things and was torn down to the ground now. It had been an amazing playground for all kinds of adventurers and adventuresses in the heart of the city of  Leipzig for years. Of course it is in the nature of Graffiti to disappear sooner or later, especially when painted in an already decaying structure. In this case a massive body of work, covering about 40 of my own piece is torn to bricks and bits by now. All that is left are photos and memories that I would like to share now with those who are interested in the following retrospective.

For me going to the Druckerei always had something spiritual since it was the first time I had discovered an abandoned building of this format. A dead piece of architecture, forgotten in the heart of a pulsating city. I found entering it like discovering a different world of silence and solitude, cast away from stress and everyday hustle. Besides this epic atmosphere there were walls of any kind and plenty of space to experiment around with all kinds of materials, shapes and structures. If a piece wouldnt be as you liked it, you could just turn to the next wall and try a fresh one and even though it was frequently visited by other artists, there always seemed to be an appropriate wall left for your new piece. Especially the huge two-storied cellar gave room to endless variations lit with a flashlight.

Unfortunately with the Druckerei being torn down one of the most impressive and last piece of abandoned architecture of Leipzig is gone. A contemporary witness of the past as well as a personal refugium and a part of the city that I eminently cherish and hold dear and that made my Leipzig the extraordinary place that it is.

Below you can find a selection of pieces that were painted in the the massive areal over the course of approximately one year.

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