St.Art Delhi is an urban art festival that will bring together some of the best Indian and International street artists for a month of murals, installations, performances, workshops, walks and talks on the streets. The festival aims to promote street art and graffiti on Indian landscapes, as well as provide a colloborative platform for artists from all over the world.

Coming back to Delhi after a one year absence I was exited being a guest of the first ever to happen Graffiti/Streetart-Festival in India. A bunch of familiar faces and friends was participating and even Ano and Ricky came from Taiwan, where I had met them just a few months before on a road trip with my brother. To top it off there was an empty room in my old flatshare in Shapur Jat and I had the opportunity to spend some time with the most boss of the kings, Mr. E from G. Truly grateful I appreciated how much the St.Art Organizational Team had pulled off in terms of events, sponsors and anything around it. This dedicated group made the whole thing a Graffiti paradise, giving the participating artists the opportunity to realize works&pieces, that would never have been possible otherwise. Big thanks to the whole St.Art Team, friends and supporters who made the whole event possible. Beautiful vibes!

Please check out the massive output of more than 40 murals yourself while wandering south Delhi one day or see the collected data here here and here.

Thanks for some images Enrico Fabian and Ricky!