Exhibition with Florian Krause

NEON NIGHTS is a Lightpainting Photography exhibition with works from two true masters in this genre: Florian Krause and Bond Truluv. You are invited to come see the world premiere of their works which are previously unreleased.

Lightpainting is a relatively new and upcoming genre in Urban Street Art. Lightpainting photographs are made through capturing mural paintings with a long exposure camera setting and then gently brushing the painting with different light sources and color filters, thus creating truly magical imagery which is making the artworks come to life in a whole new dimension.

While both artists basically use the same techniques, Bond focuses on lightpainting his very own mural pieces, which always have a clear and clever interaction with their surroundings. Each and every one of his pieces is unique in style and technically flawless.

Florian got a lot of respect from artists he worked with for adding his magic to their work. It will be his first ever exhibition worldwide and he will bring absolutely stunning works from the likes of Daleast, INTI, Jimmy C, A1one, C215, Miss Van, Herakut and Does, to name but a few.

“With Florian’s work you will find yourself getting lost in this abstract parallel world, dissecting all the elements of his images. They make you shake your head and wonder ‘How did he do that!’.” – Bond Truluv

“You can always identify Bond’s unique style. As important as his style, is the spots he hits. His claim is much more than writing graffiti. There is a philosophy behind his pieces corresponding with their surroundings. Distinctive style at mind-blowing spots combined with light painting – all in one person, that’s Bond.” – Florian Krause

We are happy to invite you to join us for the opening on Friday September 19. Both artists will be present.

NAME Gallery Amsterdam
Fannius Scholtenstraat 67