Luminale Light Festival / Frankfurt / 2016

During this years Luminale festival I got to realize two installations at the Naxos Atelier, that I had been thinking about for some time.

I. “It´s totally safe”

Technology and new media consume a vital part not only of our everyday lives, but also control economic foundations worldwide. Keeping complex structures like high-frequency trading or big data farming in mind, the installation refers to the intransparent nature of vast processing of data that is done in a few micro-seconds, intangible to human apprehension. The technique of anamorphosis refers to the fact, that the decryption of these interwoven, gigantic masses of constantly flowing information can only be undertaken from a certain perspective. This perspective can always only be occupied by elites, be it economical-, political-, or elites of knowledge.

II. “Digital Style I”

showcases the video mapping of a “Bond” – style with a mix of footage, rendered with 3D- and animation software. This piece is part of my pursuit to experiment with the presentation of lettersets, growing from my Graffiti background, incorporating them in various styles and media.

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