“Fame hole”

3m x 2m / Spraypaint on concrete

Situated just below the old fort Angelokastro on Corfu island, I found this abandoned greek taverna with a fantastic ocean view. I enjoy painting in early morning, not only to avoid the heat but also curious bypassers. One thing I couldn’t know is that the area seemed to be a popular hunting ground at dawn and I heard multiple buckshots in close range, hoping that none of the hunters would join me on the terrace or mistook me for a wild hog. As I was finishing the last strokes, I suddenly heard a tiny bell approaching and around the corner a hunting dog came sniffing, eager to retrieve whatever his master had shot previously. He looked at me full of enthusiasm, deciding in the very moment, I wasn’t the subject of his mission.



2m x 3m / Spraypaint on concrete

Leftover piece.