Metropolink Festival / Heidelberg, Germany / 2021

For a few short days the architecture of the former american airbase Patrick Henry Village near Heidelberg captivated me in the summer of 2021. Thanks to the whole team @metropolinkurbanartfestival we managed to complete 4 pieces in only 4 days.


AR mural

This building came with a lot of windows. Naturally these can be disturbing for a coherent design and therefore I tried to incorporate the indentations as good as possible, aiming at creating an illusion in which you couldn’t tell the painted objects from real ones. On top we built and shaped a few wooden panels to underline this approach. And of course an augmentedreality layer.



Make Art Not War

Its not often you get to paint an unusual object like this:) Peace.

? @niko.neithardt @dna.collective


Sprayboard / First run.

Combining two of my main passions, that more or less intensely stuck with me throughout the years. ??
? @niko.neithardt @dna.collective



Last minute indoor mural. No time for conceptionalization.