Urbanmorphogenesis / Solnechnodolsk, Russia / 2021

Futur 2

18 x 12m

Painted for and by the Urbanmorphogenesis Team in Solnechnodolsk in 2021.

The piece takes strong reference to the increasing displacement of concrete realities of life into the virtual space through a broad spectrum of technical tools. My current motif imagery plays with classical as well as digital motifs alike and builds free chains of associations without becoming too concrete. Resembling the transience of a dream, I try to invite the viewers to embark on an abstract journey through their own subconscious, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. The architectural illusion of depth is underlined by the additional Augmented Reality (AR) layer that the viewers can experience through the customized Artivive app on their smartphones.

A single Edition NFT of this AR Mural can be obtained via rarible.